Android Game Old Basement Cheats & Hints

Free escape game cheats old basement


Androidアプリの脱出ゲーム old basementのヒントと攻略です

It is a game escape of the same series as “old offender” “old room” 

Please look to when in trouble because there really tips, spoilers 

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old basement

old basement cheats 

Touch a touch wooden box, the right upper shelf

Get the handle of a shovel 

 Touch the wooden box on the left side of the upper shelf 

Check the unnatural step 

After a certain touch a white cloth over the timber
Touch the center of the first stage 

Get a small key 

fter the cloth touch, touch the bottom of the shelf 

Get oil can 

Touch the wooden box next to the stairs 

Get the head of the shovel 

Touch the left side of the drawer of the desk and left 

Check the diamond 

Touch the handle next to the desk top and shelf 

SELECT a small key, touch the keyhole 

Special Note 

After touching the lower shelf, and height to match the previous step unnatural 

Get pliers 


shifted to the right under the handle of the best from this state 

After the sandbag touch twice, COMBINE the handle of a shovel shovel head and 

SELECT a shovel, touch the sandbag 

Get U-shaped bracket 

SELECT a U-shaped bracket 
Touch more than once a brick 

stairs appeared 

After the move to the second floor, touch the barrel and lid 

touch cans in a barrel oil to SELECT 

Get oil 

Make sure the lid picture 

Touch the inside of the plate in the back right 

SELECT the pliers, touch the plate 

Get 4 plates 

Move on the first floor, shelves and touch a rectangle in the lower right 

After SEPARATE a shovel, a rectangle and then touch the handle of a shovel SELECT 

SELECT the oil can, touch the rectangle 

Touch the lever 

Move the shelves 

Touch a hole to go to the second floor 

Check the picture 

Selecting a picture to go black after touching the upper right door and on the first floor, second floor we saw in 

open the door 

Touch the projector lens, the projector 

key get 

Touch the lever and the upper shelf 

After touch the wooden box, touch the box you SELECT a gap of four plates 

Check the picture 

Touch, the input of security code on the drawer of a desk and left 
· ▽ △ is the
Formula-calculated as
The answer is here
old basement pass

After the projector next to the bricks touch, touch the hole you SELECT a pencil 

 the SELECT key, touch the doorknob 

open the door 

Touch touch, the center left the door touch, touch on the left, the arrow to the door 

Get rope 

Touch the lower right area 


Touch the back of the projector and then touch the center of the right 

SELECT the oil can, touch the lid 

oil injection 

Go to the second floor 

SELECT the rope, touch the U-shaped bracket 

Move on the first floor 

Touch the U-shaped bracket, go to the second floor with a rope 

Touch the box with the holes you SELECT a U-shaped bracket 

Get match 

Touch the U-shaped bracket, move on the first floor 

SELECT a U-shaped bracket, touch the rope after the move to the second floor 

After touch the door, move to the back of the projector 

Touch a match to the projector using SELECT 

 Touch the handle of the box top and shelf 

Touch handles and mirrors 

Special magnets 

Touch a drainage ditch next to the upper left of the stairs and the wooden box 

Touch a drainage ditch after the SELECT COMBINE the rope and magnet 

Get a cylindrical container 

SELECT the negative after touch the lens of the projector, the projector touch 

Check the cipher 

After the move until the end from the door, touch the wall with the arrow 

Touch the magnet after the SELECT 

key target 

Touch the door at the far end of the SELECT key 

Get razor 

Touch the pencil to SELECT the razor 

Touch the barrel and then SELECT the pencil 

Special Note 

clear decipher a note  

encryption tips 

There is not enough character? ? 

English words will be meaningful 
The answer is here 
Note cipher capture old basement